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When I began chairmaking full-time, it soon became apparent there was a demand for well-made Ladder-Back chairs as an alternative to the Windsor. I was drawn to the American ‘Shaker’ style of Ladder-Back chair, although I also craft more elaborate styles of Ladder-Back chairs. Shaker furniture is widely admired for its simplicity, innovative joinery, quality, and functionality.

I use the same methods of construction as with the Windsor chairs and, like the Windsor chair, you will find these Ladder-Back chairs to be light, flexible and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The mortising of the back slats is done by hand, which requires a certain level of skill. I turn the back posts on a lathe prior to steam bending and at times I use a drill press for the many stretcher holes.

The Ladder-Back chairs are made entirely from Ash, Beech or Eucalypt. The back posts and back slats are steam bent rather than sawn to shape, giving far more flexibility and durability than with most other Ladder-Back chairs on the market today. I weave the seat of my Ladder-Back chairs in a traditional pattern using either seagrass or paper rush for its strength and durability. Alternatively, Ladder-Back chairs can be crafted with an upholstered seat, where you choose the fabric. Cost of upholstery is in addition to the price of the chair.


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